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Serenity UI
Release Date:

Release Notes

3rd Party Integration
  • Beta release of TypeScript definitions to use in the development of applications using TypeScript.
Promoted Widgets
  • The Splitter widget has been promoted from beta to release.
New Features
  • The new Grid widget extends the Table widget to provide advanced data visualization features.
  • The new TagCloud widget shows a list of the tags that can be configured for display in a rectangle area or a 3D sphere.
  • The new ViewModel class provides 2-way binding between an object derived from Observable and HTML.
  • 11/04/2017 - Bug fixes for the Scheduler widget.
    • Fix event dialog height for repeating events.
    • When editing an occurance of a repeating event, replace the repeat occurrance with a new event.
    • Populate event dialog required fields with default values if left blank.
  • 11/07/2017 - Bug fixes for the Grid widget.
    • Fix the values displayed in the Grid Pagerpanel for the "pageable.messages.items" option when groupable is enabled.
    • Fix the group expand/collapse feature when groupable is enabled.